Traditional deposits and savings are non-dynamic investments.

So opt for a CAL Unit Trust today to design a customized investment portfolio you believe in together with our Unit Trust specialists, while enjoying flexibility and above average returns.

What is a CAL Unit Trust and is it right for you?

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Unit Trusts are dynamic and contemporary, just like your lifestyle and goals. Enjoy an equally attractive return to traditional deposits and savings with the added benefit of being able to pull out your money as you like and the flexibility to invest additional sums whenever you want.

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Pick from a wide selection of CAL’s Unit Trust Funds ideally suited for your many savings and investment goals.

  • Take a trip abroad
  • Build a home
  • Save for your kid’s higher education fund
  • Plan for your child’s wedding

… and more

Professionally managed by the island’s top investment experts, so sit back, relax, and watch your investment grow.

For each Unit Trust Fund we offer, our experts have set a strategy that’ll help it grow regardless of whether individual investors move in or out. The funds are professionally managed by CAL’s Unit Trust expert team comprising unit trust specialists plus high-caliber finance industry names, so you don’t have to individually monitor your different investments and can enjoy growth with
little effort.

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CAL DirectorsThe wider CAL Holdings team’s direction is shaped by its high-profile Board, featuring a number of Sri Lanka’s business elite who head some of the island’s top conglomerates.

CAL’s Unit Trust Vision

CAL is on a mission to make accessible the power of Unit Trusts locally, drawing on its committees’ decades-long experience serving corporates and high networth individuals, so that more Sri Lankans can enjoy the high investment potential it carries.

What is a Unit Trust?

It’s the quickest path to a diverse investment portfolio that matches your life’s potential and aspirations.

A CAL Unit Trust is an easy opportunity for you to own top investment assets with lower capital and low involvement.

  • Shares
  • Treasury Bills
  • Commercial Papers
  • Bonds
  • Debentures
  • Securitized Papers

Unit Trust Resources

CAL constantly strives to offer valuable information to keen investors on everything Unit Trust related including the opportunity it presents. Here, we share a series of educational video resources on Unit Trusts.

By investing in a diversified portfolio on your behalf, our unit trust experts help you:

  • Reduce the risk associated with investing in only one option
  • Save time involved in researching different investments
  • Remove the hassle of selecting from different investment options on your own

Discover CAL’s Top Unit Trust Funds

We offer a selection of Unit Trust Fund schemes that fulfill the unique needs of different investor types.

Investment Grade FundOpen-Ended, Fixed Income Fund

With the CAL Investment Grade Fund, you’re entering the big league as it invests in Government Securities and Investment-Grade Corporate Debt. It is ideally suited for investors who are keen to earn high current income, allowing for a competitive return that is liquid while preserving capital.

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Fixed Income Opportunities FundOpen-Ended, Fixed Income Opportunities Fund

Perfect for investors who are looking to make superior returns while enjoying medium-term liquidity, the CAL Income Fund offers fixed income until maturity and is open-ended so it permits you to buy unlimited units too. The fund invests in High-Quality Corporate Debt, Deposits and Government Securities.

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Quantitative Equity Fund
Open-Ended, Equity Fund

Tailored specifically for first-time stock market investors, the CAL Quantitative Equity Fund offers a diverse selection of stocks and above average returns. The fund is ideally suited for investors with a high risk appetite who are keen to outperform the ASPI and grow capital long-term.

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CAL Unit Holders’ Views

Hear what our Unit Trust holders have to say about CAL’s distinctness, the returns we help secure, and the life journey they’re charting.

I have been with CAL for over 3 years and the experience has been delightful! Their unit trusts and equity arms function seamlessly. The digital platform is very efficient and easy to use. The staff are extremely responsive and attentive to detail. Highly recommend anyone to invest with CAL!

Indika Weerapperuma

The team at CAL knows what they are doing and they certainly do a great job. They are capable, committed and very caring. I feel very confident about the future with my investments under the management of CAL.

Ranil de Silva

CAL Unit Holders’ Views

Hear what our Unit Trust holders have to say about CAL’s distinctness, the returns we help secure, and the life journey they’re charting.

With the flexibility of CAL Unit Trust Funds I can redeem my investments any day without penalties or loss of interest, without having to wait until maturity unlike other fixed investments.

Rajitha Yasaratne
Head of Production, IDL

Moving into Unit Trust Funds without letting my money idle in a saving account was the best decision I made

Ashan Sirisena
Marketing Professional

Why Do Modern Sri Lankan Retail Investors Now Prefer Unit Trusts Over FDs?

A Quick Unit Trust Example

Now, let’s say that there’s a unit trust fund size totaling LKR 200 Million and a unit of the fund equals LKR 200 (unit price). As an investor in unit trusts, you buy units. So if you put in LKR 20,000, you’ll end up owning 100 units (LKR 20,000/LKR 200 unit price).

When you withdraw your unit trust funds or money, you are selling units. If at the date of selling, the unit price equals LKR 300, then your interest or gain will be LKR 10,000.

That is, the difference in the unit price between the date of buying and selling is equal to the gain you make.

Buying: LKR 20,000 (@ 200 per unit)
Selling: LKR 30,000 (@ 300 per unit)

Gain : LKR 10,000


Frequently Asked Questions

A unit trust is a pooled fund (contributions made by several investors) with common investment objectives. These pooled funds are then invested in a diversified portfolio of financial instruments such as bank and finance company deposits, corporate debt, shares, government securities etc. in order to earn a return.

The investors are allocated units in exchange for the funds they’ve invested and the return made by the pooled fund are allocated to these unit holders according to the number of units they own.

This decision solely depends on your risk appetite and at which stage you are in your personal financial cycle. The stock market is an investment opportunity for investors with high-risk appetite. Whereas fixed income unit trusts are in the low to medium risk spectrum offering above average returns for similar instruments across the financial market platform. It’s better option to earn superior returns with wealth preservation.

The rule of thumb in investing always calls for investors to diversify their investments in different asset classes.

The most suitable fund for you to invest in, depends on how much of a risk you’re willing to take and your requirement to have cash/liquidity in hand Download Fund Fact Sheets

Fund Risk Appetite Liquidity
Capital Alliance Investment Grade Fund Low Overnight
Capital Alliance Fixed Income Opportunities Fund Medium Medium term
Capital Alliance Income Fund High Long term
Capital Alliance High Yield Fund High Medium to Long term
Capital Alliance Quantitative Equity Fund High Long term
Capital Alliance Gilt Fund Low Long term

Yes, please find attached the softcopies of the Unit Trust Onboarding documents for a Joint Account.

Note that the Primary and Joint applicant should fill in joint bank account details. We will also need the following source documents-

  • Clear copy of Primary applicants NIC (front and back) with billing proof (only if address differs from NIC)
  • Clear copy of Joint applicants NIC (front and back) with billing proof (only if address differs from NIC). If minor without NIC with birth certificate
  • Bank account statement with the details (Bank, branch, account number) clearly visible  – as mentioned it should be a joint bank account held by the Primary and Joint applicant

Yes, please find attached the softcopies of the Unit Trust Onboarding documents for a Corporate Account.

 **As you do not need to maintain any minimum balance, we suggest ticking all the funds, to avoid unnecessary paperwork afterwards; it is completely up to you

***Needs to drill down to natural persons with equity interest of more than 10%. If the corporate client is owned by another body corporate (registered company), we will need the Holding Company’s Form 15 and the natural persons with equity interest of more than 10% mentioned.


If you’ve understood that a Unit Trust is the perfect investment opportunity for you or you’re already a Unit Trust expert, sign up for the CAL Portal where you can start investing in Unit Trusts and our wider investment offering as well.

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Disclaimer Relating to Unit Trust Funds

We’ve included below a few considerations a potential unit trust fund investor should make when investing in unit trusts.

  • – The fund is regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • – The annualized YTD is variable and subject to change. The, past performance is not a definitive indication of future performance.
  • – Investors are advised to read and understand the contents of the explanatory memorandum before investing.
  • – The suitability of the investment is based on the investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of individual investors and suitability should be assessed by the Investor.

Latest Prices and Downloads

Here, you can remain updated on the current unit prices of each fund whil also being able to download reports that’ll offer a view of the market plus relevant forms.

Download Reports

Interim Reports
Audited Reports
Trust Deed
Explanatory Memorandum

Download Forms

Nominee Form
Application Form
Date Fund Name Selling (LKR) Buying (LKR)

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