The CAL Quant fund is an open-ended equity fund, investing in listed shares of the Colombo Stock Exchange, government securities and government securities backed repos. The Fund aims to achieve capital growth on a medium to long term basis by investing in a diversified portfolio of government securities and stocks of stable companies with a proven track record.

The positive return on Colombo Stock Exchange continued in Jan-22 with both ASPI and S&P20 indices gaining 6.4% and 3.9%, respectively. However, we observed a shift in momentum in the last week of the month as both ASPI and S&P 20 dropped 2.7% and 4.5%, respectively. The CAL Quantitative Equity Fund gained 2.4% in the month of January -22.

The fund took a de-risking approach in the later part of January and significantly reduced exposure to equities (35.8%) as we believe the macro headwind stemming from uncertainties behind USD sovereign bond payments and tightening liquidity in the market will lead to a significant market correction. The team is closely monitoring all new developments and positioned well to re-enter the equity market at attractive valuations.

The year-to-date Net Annualized Return is 7.2% (01 Jan 2022 – 14 October 2022). It tells investors what the fund would yield in a year, based on the returns earned year to date.


Fees charged to the Fund
Management Fee1.5%p.a. of the NAV
Outperformance Fee10% of any excess percentage earned above the performance of the ASPI over a 1 year period
Trustee Fee0.25% of the NAV
Exit Fee2% of the total investments in units, if any units are sold within one (1) year of the purchase of units