Rochelle Mortier

Chief Human Resources Officer - CAL Group

Welcome to CAL CAREERS.

As an organization active in the knowledge industry, we are cognizant that our human capital is the cornerstone to our success. CAL’s HR function is empowered as a professional value added partner across the business and we have been successful in positioning CAL as an employer that “makes careers successful”.

Our philosophy is based on equal opportunity, the best idea wins, learning & development and a well-balanced workplace for all. We strongly drive a culture that enables employees with an equal, challenging, rewarding and enjoyable career.

The company promotes a culture of learning built on a firm foundation of knowledge, skills and attitude, which effectively utilizes training and development as a strategic tool.

We remain mindful of the fact that in order to achieve our 2020 Corporate vision, we need to attract, retain and motive our employees led by the motto “We will nature and hire talent for tomorrow”.

We are currently expanding our workforce to recruit the best minds from diverse industries. We strongly aim to bring together individuals with expertise from different fields to be a part of our dynamic corporate culture.

We provide great career opportunities for those who wish to forefront an exciting venture.

If you feel that you could join this existing journey, we would welcome you to submit your resume as an application for review.

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