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Our team is composed of professionals who combine experience and skill in proactively monitoring capital markets, to provide real-time insights to our clients. A state-of-the-art electronic trading platform affords clients both control and convenience in managing how trades progress from start-to-finish.

Harness the CAL advantage, by utilizing our comprehensive research and low online commission rates to buy and sell shares of publicly traded companies in the Colombo Stock Exchange.

What We Offer

Our focus is on providing timely advice and innovative investment solutions to suit the distinct needs of our varied clientele. We take much pride therein, in the strong compliance culture founded on ethical practices in advising & trading that pervades CAL.

CAL’s team of experienced, well-versed advisors offer excellence in trading and execution. Their efforts are complemented by our ultra-modern electronic trading platform and mobile app, which give our clients great flexibility and enables managing their own trades, at their own time.

Our leveraging of foreign affiliations with frontier market specialists has propelled CAL securities to the forefront of the brokering industry, to become the preferred partner in Capital Markets.

Why choose us?

  • Informed, intuitive, and responsive investment adviser
  • An award winning research team with a continuous stream of insightful investment ideas
  • Anytime, anywhere mobile trading capabilities to stay connected to markets and your investments with the CALTrading app
  • Strong international affiliations with specialists in frontier markets
  • Prevalence of an extensive compliance culture

Open an Account with us

  • We provide a hassle free, digital account opening process for our discerning clients

  • Please click on this link to fill out a request here. Click here

CAL’s Equity Trader Application allows you to buy and sell publicly traded shares of the Colombo Stock Exchange, manage and track your portfolio, whether on your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile [Android or iOS].

The CAL PORTAL allows you to digitally subscribe to our product offerings and services, which include access to the CSE, Government Securities/Fixed Income products and Unit Trust Funds. In the portal you can manage and track your entire portfolio in one place, get access to CAL research insights, and its accessible via PC, laptop or mobile. The Portal also provide full live data updates from the Sri Lankan Stock Market, Primary and Secondary Government Security market, Forex and much more.

CAL Live provides you free access to summary market updates from the Sri Lankan Stock Market, Primary and Secondary Government Security market, Forex and much more. It is accessible via PC, laptop or mobile.

Trade on the go

Another first in Sri Lanka, CAL introduced ‘CAL Equity Trader’ to give its customers the ultimate edge in trading equity online.

CAL Equity Trader is a fully integrated online and mobile trading tool which empowers the customer to trade equity anywhere, anytime without having to be dependent on a broker.

You can trade on the go with CAL Equity Trader, either via our mobile application (available both on Google Play and the App store), installing a complete software kit on your compute or via the web while you travel. The applications are real-time and intuitive, complete with settlement functionalities as well.

Our Accounts

BankBranchAccount Number
Sampath BankHeadquarters002930013083 or 002930021183
Seylan BankMillennium086400041489001
Commercial BankForeign Branch1416005301
Nations Trust BankMillennium House024100002392

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+94 112 317 777

Speak to us directly or get in touch with us via mail for more information on Equities and on our latest updates.

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