A Team of Experienced Professionals

Our team is composed of professionals who combine experience and skill in proactively monitoring capital markets, to provide real-time insights to our clients. A state-of-the-art electronic trading platform affords clients both control and convenience in managing how trades progress from start-to-finish.

Harness the CAL advantage, by utilizing our comprehensive research and low online commission rates to buy and sell shares of publicly traded companies in the Colombo Stock Exchange.

What We Offer

Our focus is on providing timely advice and innovative investment solutions to suit the distinct needs of our varied clientele. We take much pride therein, in the strong compliance culture founded on ethical practices in advising & trading that pervades CAL.

CAL’s team of experienced, well-versed advisors offer excellence in trading and execution. Their efforts are complemented by our ultra-modern electronic trading platform and mobile app, which give our clients great flexibility and enables managing their own trades, at their own time.

Our leveraging of foreign affiliations with frontier market specialists has propelled CAL securities to the forefront of the brokering industry, to become the preferred partner in Capital Markets.

Why choose us?

  • Informed, intuitive, and responsive investment adviser
  • An award winning research team with a continuous stream of insightful investment ideas
  • Anytime, anywhere mobile trading capabilities to stay connected to markets and your investments with the CALTrading app
  • Strong international affiliations with specialists in frontier markets

  • Prevalence of an extensive compliance culture

How to start trading with CAL in the Stock Market

  1. Visit calonline.lk or download our CAL Online App (iOS/Android) to sign up for an Equity Account
  1. Signup for a Standard Account (expected investment over 5mn) or an Internet Trading Only Account (minimum investment of 100,000)
  2. After receiving account opening confirmation and Internet Trading credentials, you can do a Pay In request to deposit cash into your account to start trading!
  3. Download the Atrad App (details below), enter your credentials and start trading!

Trade on your own, at your own pace!

CAL is excited to introduce the Atrad platform, a state-of-the-art online stock trading platform that offers our clients the convenience and flexibility to trade stocks from anywhere. The Atrad platform is available on iOS, Android, Windows and Web, making it easy to trade stocks on the go. You can also sign up for an account at calonline.lk.

The Atrad platform offers a number of features that make it the perfect choice for stock traders, including:

  • Real-time market data
  • Advanced charting tools
  • Order management tools
  • Research tools

If you’re looking for a powerful and easy-to-use online stock trading platform, then the Atrad platform is the perfect choice for you. Sign up for an account today at calonline.lk

Frequently Asked Questions

Initiate the account opening process by either visiting portal.cal.lk or downloading the CAL Online mobile app.

Standard Account with the advisor support service minimum investment is Rs.5,000,000

For a self-trading account, a minimum investment of Rs 100,000 is needed. You will receive access to the Atrad platform for buying and selling shares, along with access to our research portal and the WhatsApp broadcasting group for market update

The brokerage fee is 0.64%, and when combined with other fees, the total transaction fee amounts to 1.12%.

Breakdown of other fees:

CSE Fees: 0.084%
CDS Fees: 0.024%
Sec Cess: 0.072%
Share Transaction Levy: 0.300%

Atrad platform access will be provided for trading

Sign up for a Standard Account (expected investment over 5mn) or an Internet Trading Only Account (minimum investment of 100,000). After receiving account opening confirmation and Internet Trading credentials ( Atrad), request a Pay In to deposit cash and start trading.

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Sampath Bank Headquarters 002930013083 or 002930021183
Seylan Bank Millennium 086400041489001
Commercial Bank Foreign Branch 1416005301
Nations Trust Bank Millennium House 024100002392

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