What Exactly Is a Treasury Bill?

Offered by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka to raise money for government operations, they’re similar to traditional deposits and will pay your interest at maturity.

Want to Know More? Get Expert Treasury Bill Insights.

‘Treasury Bills are an attractive investment option today and it’s quite simple to get started as they work very similar to traditional deposits’, says VP of CAL Treasury Damien Rayen. Here, we share his insights on this in-demand product.

How Has CAL Opened Access to Treasury Bills for All Sri Lankans?
Open a Treasury Bill account with us digitally without any costs attached and get started with a minimum investment value of just LKR 1 Million!

Why Invest in Treasury Bills?

Great question! Treasury Bills offer a range of benefits similar to alternatives such as traditional deposits that make them attractive.

Equal or higher interest than similar products like traditional deposits
Diversification of investment portfolio into a larger asset class
Choice available through treasury bills with maturity periods of 3, 6 or 12 months
Ease of investing due to introduction of digital investing options

Why Invest Now?

Learn why many Sri Lankans are moving towards Treasury Bills and investing in them as we speak.

*Growth in outright secondary market transactions

Why Choose CAL to Grow Your Wealth?

We’re a top-rated, licensed Primary Dealer offering some of the most competitive Treasury Bill interest rates in Sri Lanka and stellar service.

Did You Know?

CAL’s Superior Standing as a Top-Rated Investment Bank Ensures the Safety of Your Investment

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on Record-High Interest Rates?

No? Then sign up for the CAL Digital Investing portal and register to invest in Treasury Bills, completely online. Sign up now and enjoy some of the best Treasury Bill rates in town!

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