Better decision making for beginners and seasoned Stock Traders!

The CAL Research Portal is targeted at both beginner and experienced stockbrokers. Beginners will find the portal’s comprehensive data and research reports to be a valuable resource for learning about the stock market and making informed investment decisions. Experienced stockbrokers will appreciate the portal’s in-depth analysis and insights, which can help them to make better trading decisions.


The CAL Research Portal includes the following features:

  • Data on all the listed companies in the Colombo Stock Exchange
  • Key valuation ratios and financial metrics
  • Real-time valuation ratios
  • All key stock market indices data
  • Foreign buying and selling data
  • DIY data toolkit
  • Research Reports published by the CAL Research team
  • Daily economic news round up
  • Key company news and corporate announcements
  • Dividend announcements

How to Access

The CAL Research Portal is accessible to all CAL clients. To access the portal, simply log in to your CAL Online account and click on the “Research Portal” tab.


Overview of the AnalytiCAL Research Platform