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The role CAL Investments performs, at its core, is one of an asset manager across equity and debt securities. From Unit Trusts, to Private Wealth Management for both individual and corporate investors, our varied investment solutions serve a diverse client base comprising family-run corporations, financial institutions, and high-net-worth individuals. Our personalized fund management effort ensures that we deliver the optimal return, risk, and liquidity fit sought by each client.

CALI’s superior service offering on the strength of its best-in-class service and market outperformance, are complemented by its intimate knowledge of the Sri Lankan economy and well-established networks across capital markets.

Having embarked on managing investments in 2011, our young team has steadily surpassed many of our competitors in reaching LKR 80 Billion in assets under management, one of the top two islandwide for asset management.

What differentiates CAL Investments?

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We specialize in two key investment types, where we invest in debt and equities on your behalf:

  • Unit Trust Funds
  • Private Wealth Management

We’ll offer a custom-made solution that best fits your return expectations and risk tolerance.

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