Explore Investment Opportunities in the Stock Market with CAL’s Quantitative Equity Fund, a strategic step to diversify our investments in the Stock Market.

The benefits investors gain by investing in CAL’s Quantitative Equity Fund:

• No minimum fees and No existing charges will be applied

• Investors will gain direct access to a diversified portfolio of stocks.

• This fund is directly managed by CAL’s skilled Fund Managers who actively initiate strategic decisions to optimize the fund’s performance.

• The investment onboarding process is completely digitalized, and can be completed via “CAL Online” (a portal dedicated to our clients for Digital Investments)

Learn more about this fund at cal.lk/unittrust or call us on 011 760 25 25

Sign into the CAL Portal today and start your investment journey with us.

Signup digitally at calonline.lk or with the CAL Online Mobile App iOS – https://apple.co/3MRcjxp | Android – https://bit.ly/43iJVts and begin investing seamlessly.