1. Open a Unit Trust Account – To invest in unit trusts in Sri Lanka, you need to open a unit trust account with a registered unit trust company. You can open an account either online or at a physical branch of the company.
  2. Choose Your Fund – Once your account is open, you need to choose a fund to invest in. You can choose from a range of funds such as equity funds, fixed income funds, balanced funds, and money market funds. Each fund has different risks and returns, so you need to decide which is the best fit for your goals and risk appetite.
  3. Invest – Once you’ve chosen your fund, you can invest by making a lump-sum or regular contribution. You will also need to decide how much to invest and the period of time you want to invest for.
  4. Monitor Your Investment – Once your investment is made, you need to monitor the performance of your fund to ensure it is meeting your expectations. You should also keep an eye on any changes in the market that may affect your fund’s performance.
  5. Rebalance Your Portfolio: As your investment matures, you may need to make adjustments to your portfolio

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