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Signup for Treasury Bills/Bonds
Signup for Treasury Bills/Bonds


As an authorised Primary Dealer appointed by the Monetary Board of the Central Bank, CAL offers clients the opportunity to invest and trade in a wide selection of government securities including treasury bills, treasury bonds, repurchase agreements and reverse repurchase agreements. Prior to each Bill and Bond Auction, our team of professional dealers will closely advise you on the bids that you can make to ensure the highest rates as well as the best probability of bid acceptance. We also offer additional value by creating a market for all listed securities, providing a continuous and competitive two-way quote.

Treasuries Products Offered

  • Treasury Bills

  • Treasury Bonds

  • Development Bonds

  • Dollar Bonds
  • Bond Trading
  • Bill Discounting
  • Access to bill and bond auctions

  • Repurchase Agreements

  • Reverse Repurchase Agreements

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