Capital Alliance Investments Fund Transfer

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To do a fund Transfer (CEFT) under 5 million, please transfer to the below account;

Capital Alliance Investments Ltd 003010550558

You can also transfer directly to any of the below accounts to create units in a particular fund.

Please perform;

SLIP transfer for investment value below LKR 5 million

RTGS transfer for investment value above LKR 5 million

Transfer your investment to one of the accounts below and save the fund transfer confirmation.

Bank: Hatton National Bank PLC [Code – 7083, SWIFT Code –  HBLILK LXXXX]

Branch Code – 003 [Head Office]

Fund Name Current A/C
CAL Fixed Income Opportunities Fund 003010550451
Capital Alliance High Yield 003010550460
Capital Alliance Investment Grade Fund 003010550479
Capital Alliance Medium Risk Debt Fund 003010550488
Capital Alliance Quantitative Equity Fund 003010550497
Capital Alliance Gilt Trading Fund 003010550503
Capital Alliance Corporate Treasury Fund 003010550512
Capital Alliance Balanced Fund 003010550521
Capital Alliance Gilt Money Market Fund 003010550530
Capital Alliance Gilt Fund 003010550549
Capital Alliance Income Fund 003010550567

You’re required to enter the client code and/or NIC number in the beneficiary remarks field during the fund transfer and save the confirmation as a PDF or screenshot.

Please note that we do not accept/remit funds from/to third party accounts. Kindly ensure fund transfers take place from registered bank accounts under your unit trust client code.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 011 760 2525 for any further assistance.