Unleashing the limitless possibilities in the world of digital investment banking! We are thrilled to announce the successful launch of “CAL Online 2.0,” showcasing some of the most advanced features integrated into our digital investment banking platform.

During the launch, our Head of Sales, Sachin Unamboowe, briefed us on crucial points about current capital market trends and the importance of investments. A demonstration was also conducted on how the platform can be used to invest in our various investment solutions.

Following that, our Chief Information Officer, Tharindra Kulasinghe, presented the journey of CAL Online from its inception and the key milestones the platform achieved to become the advanced integrated platform it is today. He also highlighted that CAL Online has now integrated capital market investing with Sri Lanka’s banking system through JustPay by LankaPay, facilitated by Seylan Bank PLC Bank, for the first time in Sri Lanka. This integration allows seamless fund transfers for unit trust funds, treasuries (coming soon), and instant buying power for equities.

The event concluded with our Chief Strategy Officer, Udeeshan Jonas, CFA Jonas, explaining our future plans for promoting social awareness and financial literacy, followed by a thank-you note from our CEO, Kanishke Mannakkara, expressing gratitude for the audience’s participation and to the CAL team for their dedication and support.

Once again, the CAL family proved its commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of digital investment banking and beyond.

CAL, your preferred partner in financial markets.

Download the App: https://cal.lk/app/

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