This is our medium risk fund. It invests in a diversified portfolio of Government securities, deposits & Corporate debt of banks, finance companies & corporates. It is not independently rated, but the weighted average of the underlying investments falls between BBB+ and A-. The primary objective of this fund is to offer attractive returns to its investors. Therein we deploy funds across medium to longer duration positions. Given the aforementioned investment strategy, overnight liquidity could be limited. However, we require only a minimum commitment of a period of 1 month. Post the duration funds can be withdrawn without any penalties.

Since inception, the year-to-date Annualized Return is 22.45% (23 Mar 2022 – 30 September 2022). It tells investors what the fund would yield in a year, based on the returns earned year to date.


Fees charged to the Fund
Management Fee0.50% of the NAV
Custodian Fee268,800 per annum
Trustee Fee0.20% of the NAV
Other Expenses772,475 per annum