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Tempest PE Partners (TEMPEST) is a Private Equity Fund with flexible investment criteria, dedicated to exploring unique investment opportunities in the Sri Lankan private equities space. It is a joint venture between CAL, Sri Lanka’s leading Investment Bank and Insite Holdings Limited, an advisory firm with extensive regional equity and corporate experience. As Sri Lanka looks to evolve from frontier status to a vibrant emerging market, we are focused on funding and advising three broad segments, i.e. Entrepreneur driven businesses, Public sector enterprises and Project financing.

Investment Philosophy

TEMPEST seeks investments that offer superior equity returns relative to the risk we take on behalf of our investors. TEMPEST seeks a combination of the following criteria when screening potential investments:

  • Generate high core returns or have the potential to do so

  • Operates in structural growth sectors

  • Generate strong cash flows

  • Under-performing businesses but with notable upside from a better capital structure and / or strategic direction

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