Issue opening on the 12th January 2022

Thank you for your interest in the HELA APPAREL HOLDINGS LIMITED IPO. Please tick the below to proceed

I am an Individual Sri Lankan Resident Investor above 18 years old. *
  • Digital Application Forms can only be submitted by Individual Resident Investors. This option is not permitted for Individual Resident Investors applying through Joint Accounts, Margin Trading Accounts,  Companies, Corporations and other Corporate Bodies and Unit Trusts.
The application I am making is only for myself. *
  • Only one Application should be made by an Applicant either under Retail Individual Category or Non-Retail Category. An applicant SHOULD NOT submit another application in their name or jointly or through a Margin Provider via the mobile app or physically. If an Applicant has forwarded more than one Application Form, it will be construed as multiple Applications and will be rejected. An Applicant of a Joint Application applying through another Application Form is also deemed to have made multiple Applications and will be rejected.
I have a valid CDS Account (the CDS account can be from any broker, applications are not restricted to CAS clients) *
  • CDS Account Number shall be in the following format:

Old CDS Account Number

(e.g.: CAS-123456789-VN-00)

  • First 3 alphabets (e.g.: CAS)
  • 9 numerals (e.g.: 123456789) – If your account number is not sufficient to fill in the mandatory number of boxes, lead with zeroes
  • 2 alphabets (e.g.: VN)
  • 2 numerals (e.g.: 00-99)

New CDS Account Number

(e.g.: CAS-12345