Capital Alliance Ltd. (CAL) – one of Sri Lanka’s leading full-service investment solution providers – introduced video KYC (Know Your Customer) via its CAL customer portal to facilitate paperless, digital signature backed onboarding for investment products, offering a winning combination of greater convenience and safety for individual customers.

By eliminating the need to fill PDF or physical documents, the end-to-end digital onboarding process available via both mobile and online web channels is tailored to be highly customer-centric with enhanced user experience and digitised workflow, resulting in an effortless and fast-tracked process that can be accessed from anytime, anywhere by customers in an increasingly contactless world.

‘Know-Your-Customer’, or KYC is the identity authentication of new customers for account opening or onboarding, a due diligence approach adapted by banks and financial organisations to verify their customers according to heightened regulatory requirements. With Video KYC, CAL enables an encrypted audiovisual engagement, offering customers live assistance with the onboarding process, making the experience more efficient with visual verification, digital signatures and multi factor authentication.

“By introducing a fully-fledged online investment banking platform backed by the latest digital authentication technologies for KYC compliance, Capital Alliance is implementing new fintech competencies to create a paperless, secure and seamless digital investment environment,” commented Capital Alliance Chief Information Officer Tharindra Kulasinghe. “We are reimagining how people invest in the new normal, addressing emerging realities as well as online privacy concerns, and utilizing our capabilities to assist and better service our customers in unprecedented times such as these.”

With minimum requirements of a connected computer or mobile device with a camera and microphone, the Video KYC process is faster and hassle-free, delivering greater customer satisfaction and enhanced customer experience. As one of Sri Lanka’s leading integrated investment companies, CAL continues to set benchmarks by advancing the BFSI sector in its best practices, remaining true to its vision to be ‘The No.1 Investment Solutions Provider in Frontier Markets’.

Capital Alliance first entered the Sri Lankan market in 2000, evolving over the past two decades to offer a growing portfolio of solutions including advisory and fund management, private wealth management, private equity, stock brokering, treasury bills and bonds to enable individuals and corporates meet their investment aspirations. Lauded with the title of ‘Best Investment Solution Provider in Sri Lanka’ among other accolades, CAL continues to leverage two-decades of financial market expertise and insight, delivering new economic value to a growing list of corporate clients and high net-worth individuals in the region.