Capital Alliance Securities (CAL), a full-service frontier market investment bank yesterday launched an innovative web-based platform – AnalytiCAL, which is designed to revolutionize the way investors approach equity investing.

AnalytiCAL provides comprehensive and real-time financial data and analytical tools to investors, financial professionals, and businesses, empowering investors with simple, powerful tools to become their own traders and make better-informed investment decisions.
The newly launched platform aims to bridge the gap and make trading and investing more accessible to everyday clients, providing them with the expertise and insights they need for success in Sri Lanka’s capital markets.

“It’s an integrated platform that enables you to look at research on trade not only on the equity market but the bond market as well. It provides great insight about the interest rates and their macro fundamentals,” said CAL CEO Lahiru Ariyaratna, while emphasizing the need to democratize capital markets and make them accessible to everyone.

“We have about 700,000 CDS accounts and have 331 registered advisors. There’s no way that every client will be able to reach out to a broker, an investment advisor or an analyst in the market. So, we have used technology to allow the clients to have access to the relevant information at any given time,” he went on to explain.  AnalytiCAL will offer real-time data aggregation as it is designed to use cutting-edge technology to collect, process, and aggregate financial data from multiple reliable sources. This ensures that users always have access to up-to-date and accurate information.

The platform’s user-friendly interface, combined with cutting-edge analytical technology, sets a new standard for the industry.
Another key is advanced data visualisation. AnalytiCAL will employ powerful data visualisation techniques to present complex financial data in a visually appealing and easily understandable format. Users can gain valuable insights at a glance, reducing the time required for analysis.