Capital Alliance (CAL) Group is one of Sri Lanka’s full-fledged investment banks that provides a vast array of bespoke solutions in Fund Management, Equity and Debt Capital Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory, Stock Brokering, Securities Trading and Private Equity.

CAL’s dynamic approach and the continuous drive for innovation has made it the preferred partner in financial services for its diverse network of renowned family business and institutional clientele.
With its foray into Bangladesh, CAL continues to realize its vision to be the leading investment bank in frontier markets.
Discussing future plans, CAL’s Group Chief Executive Officer Ajith Fernando said,
“We strive to be the preferred financial services provider.
Whether a client wishes to raise money, invest or look for sound advice, we cater to it all.
Our actions are focused on our values of integrity, fairness, dynamism and teamwork.
What we won’t sell to our family, we wouldn’t sell to our clients.
Our customised approach to providing non-traditional products for our clientele ensures that we are kept on our feet in an extremely fast-paced industry.
CAL’s uniqueness comes from its ability to benefit from group-wide synergies, size and access to global investment bases.
CAL’s internal synergies arise through its deal structuring expertise, access to a variety of financial instruments, trading expertise, and massive investor base through our fund management platform, all of which is backed by award-winning macro fundamental research and data analysis.
Our expansion into Bangladesh is the first of many growth opportunities that we have foreseen to expand our investor base and footprint”.
Staying true to its dynamism, CAL has embraced the digital future by embarking on a programme of digital initiatives.
CAL has implemented digital onboarding to promote a secure and paperless platform.
In addition, the CAL portal has become a centralised system for clients to access the latest macro-economic and equities research.
The ongoing digital ventures facilitated CAL to become one of the first investment banks to offer online applications for Initial Public Offering (IPOs).
Recently, the Group took its first steps internationally, looking to expand its global footprint with an entry into Bangladesh, becoming the first foreign broker to obtain a Trading Rights Entitlement Certificate (TREC) from the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE).
Moreover, the Group solidified its position in Bangladesh with an equity partnership with BetaOne Investments Limited; through this partnership, CAL will be offering advisory and wealth management services in Bangladesh.
The global expansion marks the first of many growth strategies that the organisation aims to complete to further enhance its investment base and global footprint.