Download Cal Equity Trading app via google play store or apple App store.

Once the app has been downloaded the Home Screen would reflect as below and the app features would indicate at the latter sector of the page below.

In order to utilize the facilities, clients will have to login to the app with the trading credential sent via email.

Select portfolio

Add CDS ID and password

How do I create my watch list?

01: Select the below “WATCH” Icon

02: Select the “Pen Icon” next to Market Watch

03: Select the Plus “+” Icon Next to Watch list

04: Name the watchlist and save

05: Select Saved Watchlist

06: Select Search Icon and add in Preferred Stocks

07: Selected Stock will reflect in Watch list

How do I edit an existing watchlist.?
Search for the stock that you want to remove from watchlist

Search and select the stock and remove from watchlist