Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-03-08T13:52:21+05:30
What is a unit trust?2020-07-30T13:25:22+05:30

A unit trust is a pooled fund (contributions made by several investors) with common investment objectives. These pooled funds are then invested in a diversified portfolio of financial instruments such as bank and finance company deposits, corporate debt, shares, government securities etc. in order to earn a return.

The investors are allocated units in exchange for the funds they’ve invested and the return made by the pooled fund are allocated to these unit holders according to the number of units they own.

What is the most suitable fund for me to invest in2020-07-31T12:22:54+05:30

The most suitable fund for you to invest in, depends on how much of a risk you’re willing to take and your requirement to have cash/liquidity in hand.

Fund Risk AppetiteLiquidity
Capital Alliance Investment Grade FundLowOvernight
Capital Alliance Income FundMediumMedium term
Capital Alliance High Yield FundHighMedium to Long term
Capital Alliance Quantitative Equity FundHighLong term
Capital Alliance Gilt FundLowLong term
What is the return from Unit Trust Funds?2021-03-02T09:36:49+05:30

Below quoted is the Year to Date Annualised return (1/1/2021 – 2/28/2021) for the CAL Income Fund. Other funds can have different yields based on market conditions and performance. Unit Trust returns are subject to market volatility, past performance is not an indicator of future returns.

cal income fund
How can I signup for Unit Trust Funds?2021-03-01T17:11:05+05:30

Please visit and register using your NIC/Passport number, valid mobile and email. There you will find the option to register for CAL Unit Trust Funds, see our Web Guide. Please have your NIC, recent Billing Address Proof (utility bill, bank statement etc) and recent Bank statement ready for a smooth signup.

Video Guide

You can follow the same process as above using our mobile App ‘CAL Online’ from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

App Store link to CAL Online

Play Store link to CAL Online

How do I track my investment?2021-03-05T11:55:11+05:30

You can view you investment fund portfolio, earning and your transaction history online through

You can also submit your investment instructions (creations) and withdrawal instructions (redemptions) through the portal

Are my funds safe?2021-03-17T11:47:05+05:30

CAL Investments is a licensed and registered by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) as an Investment Manager and Unit Trust Manager. The funds are regulated by the SEC and Deutsche Bank of Sri Lanka acts as the trustee and custodian ensuring that the SEC guidelines are adhered.

In order to ensure the safety of investor deposits, the Investment decisions are made via a well experienced investment committee which includes leading economists in the likes of Deshal De Mel and Anushka Wijesinha. In addition, the Investment Grade Fund has been independently rated “A (Mutual Fund Scheme)” by the International Credit Rating Agency. (ICRA)

However, it is noteworthy that unlike cash deposits in banks, unit trust funds are not protected by deposit insurance schemes. Therefore, the client bares the risk of not receiving their entire investment amount if the institutions the unit trust funds are invested in, face bankruptcy.

Can I invest in more than one fund at the same time?2021-03-05T11:50:20+05:30

Yes, you may invest in any number of funds at the same time.

What are the fee structures for the funds?2021-03-05T11:50:08+05:30
DetailsIncome FundInvestment Grade FundHigh Yield Fund*Quantitative Equity FundGilt Fund
Management Fee0.50%0.75%0.75%1.50%0.5%
Custodian Fee194,400 p.a.194,400 p.a. 240,000 p.a.240,000 p.a. 240,000 p.a.
Trustee Fee0.16% of NAV0.16% of NAV0.16% 0.225% 0.16%
Outperformance Fee10%


*An exit fee of 2% will be charged if funds are withdrawn within a year of the capital investment in the Quantitative Equity Fund.

*It is to be noted that the returns published in the fund fact sheets and the website are net of fees.

What is the current value of a unit?2021-03-05T11:49:59+05:30

Please refer (Invest Management) to obtain the latest unit prices.

How do I transfer funds?2021-03-05T11:49:32+05:30

You can transfer funds to the following bank accounts.

Bank Account NameCurrent A/C number
Capital Alliance High Yield Fund0043315000
Capital Alliance Quantitative Equity Fund0043315003
Capital Alliance Gilt Fund0043315005
Capital Alliance Investment Grade Fund0043315006
Capital Alliance Income Fund0044255000

Account Details

Beneficiary BankDeutsche Bank
Bank code7205
Branch code001


If you are a Commercial Bank, Nations Trust Bank or Seylan Bank Customer you can use your Online banking facility to easily transfer funds to us – click here

How do I inform you once I do the fund transfer deposit?2021-03-05T11:49:22+05:30

In order to ensure timely completion of your fund transfer instructions, please ensure to visit the CAL Portal and perform a creation request after the transfer/s is/are completed.

Please refer to the fund transfer instruction guide for detailed instructions on how to proceed.

Please inform us of any investment instruction/s before 9.00 am via the portal for same day execution. For any investment instruction/s received after 9.00 am, we will execute same on the next working day.

Kindly note that we cannot accept funds from any third-party bank accounts.

How do I withdraw funds?2021-03-05T11:49:13+05:30

You can also redeem/withdraw your funds and view your investment balance across Unit Trust Funds over time, through our Portal.

Please refer to the fund transfer instruction guide for detailed instructions on how to proceed.

Please inform us of any investment instruction/s before 9.00 am via the portal for same day execution. For any investment instruction/s received after 9.00 am, we will execute same on the next working day.

Kindly note that we cannot remit funds to any third-party bank accounts.

How will I know that my fund transfer successfully went through and the units have been created?2021-03-05T11:49:40+05:30

You will receive a unit confirmation email on the following working day if the units have been successfully created.

Can I transfer funds from and receive funds to a bank account not mentioned in my application?2021-03-05T11:49:51+05:30

Yes, you may do so if you provide a corresponding bank statement issued within the last 3 months or a screenshot/ image of the online banking portal or passbook.

Can I use any mode of fund transfer?2021-03-05T11:49:04+05:30

Please transfer funds via RTGS if the transfer value is above LKR 5Mn and SLIPS if the value is below LKR 5Mn to ensure that funds are transferred successfully. Kindly avoid sending fund transfers via CEFT as there’s a possibility that the transfers will get reversed.

Can I nominate a family member for my investments?2021-03-05T11:48:53+05:30

Yes, you can. You just have to fill in the Nomination form and hand it over to our CAL Head Office.

Where can I view the fund fact sheets?2021-04-06T15:18:37+05:30